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From Gossip to Growth

Launching in 2024!

Are you sick and tired of the gossip in your organisation but don’t know what to do to get rid of it?

You’ve tried multiple strategies but there seems to be a lack of respect and back-end processes and procedures to back you up?

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"It's great to have women like Rika, who have tried, tested, and succeeded in the area of Leadership. Culture is a tricky space to navigate. Rika knows the pathway forward and provides clear steps to achieve the workplace culture you desire. Thanks, Rika."

- Deb

“Much Needed Support. I appreciate the acknowledgement that just because we are faith-driven leaders it does not mean that we will immediately have all of the answers. It’s will take some intentionality and practical steps to get us there. Rika provides information to help us navigate through the circumstances that come with being a woman of faith in leadership."

- Hope

Podcast Reviews

"Rika is a breath of fresh air!!

It’s clear that Rika truly cares about her sisters in Christ, and her authenticity truly shines! She shares openly from the heart, and even from the first episode there are so many gems of truth poured out. Thank you so much Rika for following the leading of Holy Spirit and bringing this show to life! 🌷"

- Arou

Love finding Rika’s show to help us cultivate a workplace of positivity where we can be leaders who shine and lead by God’s example.


- Kim Stewart

So helpful to break the cycle. Great resource to learn to lead from a Christ center heart. I deeply felt the gossip series

- Jojo

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